The perfect boss battle for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
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Many new characters have recently been announced in Sony’s upcoming brawler for the PS3 and PS Vita. Many Playstation fans have had that thought of “What is Sony did this?” back when we first played Super Smash Bros.. There was no question in the characters we wanted for Playstations platform fighter, but what about the boss battle? There is no word from SuperBot Entertainment on how boss battles will be right now.

Will there be a main ‘bad guy’ for the final fight, and will that character even be playable to gamers? If there is simply a main boss figure for the final stage in PASBR, then it has to be a character that is somewhat stronger than the others, at least for the story mode. It might not even be as simple as fighting another character; there could be ‘stages’ and events to this final final. Personally I have two things in mind of what the perfect boss battle for PASBR could be, with the first being the best. No, it’s not Kevin Butler; I don’t think he would be well suited as the final boss even though he is a ‘boss’.


Yes, the Playstation 3 would be the boss. It makes sense because the console inherits all of the IP’s and the power to handle them combined. You will have to prove yourself towards this power house of a console that can transform and adjust itself whenever needed. So if you are playing as Parappa the Rapper, the PS3 will know you and your moves; it will know everything about the game and how it’s programmed. This could be the hardest boss in gaming history, but who cares if it’s this cool! You can check out more screen shots below.


The other possibility that I mentioned could be Michael. If you don’t know who Michael is, take a look in the mirror.

“What, I don’t look like him!” you say? Relax, of course not (unless you are really that guy reading this); Michael represents every gamer as seen in Sony’s Long Live Play live action short. If we were to be the boss, it would be a historical moment in gaming. There are a number of different ways this could play out. It could simply be the default playstation home avatar that will look like Michael, or a white silhouette to signify the player as a gamer.

Now there is Polygon man, but we dare not talk about him *shivers*. Ok, so what about the stage? We’ll talk about how the stage could play out for the last battle over here. As for the boss battle for PASBR, let us know what you think in the comments or on the forums.


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