New PlayStation All-Stars Site Update Reveals Roster Size
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If you’ve checked back at the official main site of PSAS within the past day, you’ll notice something different. Nariko, Sir Dan as well as other characters have been spread further out. Yep, they are about to reveal new characters alright. This also gives us insight into the number of on-disc characters for the roster size. We can tell this by simply measuring the average size of each character. Take a look at this pic below.



The average torso width for each character is around 80px. The shorter characters go at about 70px (with the exception of Fat Princess or course). This gives us the max possible number of character announcements for the on-disc character roster; 32. To be on the safe side, we’re calling for the roster size to be 30 characters when taking the next pic into consideration.



The widths of the character roster avatars have been pre-determined. Those extra two boxes in the purple would make it un-even unless they decide to leave it open noting DLC is eventually on the way. One would think a designer would just adjust it when it’s about to happen, just like the character reveals that are going to happen soon. To be even safer you could even say there will only be 4 more characters left, but we’re still going with 30 on this one and won’t be disappointed regardless of the actual number.


This leaves us with 10 character guesses. We’ve already pointed out some who most likely will be making it. It seems that a Chimera, Crash Bandicoot, Kat, and a Final Fantasy character are inevitable. Who exactly could be the remaining 6 characters? Just to throw out some popular demands we are going to list them from what people have been shouting at for awhile.

- Sora

- Tomba

- Ezio

- Spyro

- Journey Character

- Gex


-UPDATE 9/7/12-: New possible leaked details could confirm the minimal character count to be 26 characters! If Ico is in the game, that makes 5 characters that most likely will be on-disc; Chimera, Crash, Kat, FF rep, Ico. Would they really make it an uneven number? If not that’s one more character to go for the minimum amount if previous character speculation holds. View Shadow of the colossus & Loco Roco Leak

Who do you think will be on the remaining character roster? Are you betting on 4, 30, or 32 remaining characters? Let us know in the comments or on our forums. Stay tuned for more info!

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