PlayStation All-Stars Roster Size Total Rumor (Update)
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-UPDATE- Surprise surprise:


If you havent heard the latest buzz over the PlayStation All-Stars Roster size, take a quick read of the IGN article here:


Now that you have their story, let us tell you why it’s totally inaccurate! This was caused by a tweet from Sid Shuman on twitter stating “We have revealed the full launch lineup of characters.” They have not revealed all of the characters on-disc. There will be a couple of character unlocks for one thing, and that right there tells you automatically that someone here is trying to throw fans a curve-ball.

We already know that there will be more than 20 characters so you know the full roster has yet to be revealed. Even the Prima Game Guide on Amazon tells us of unlockable characters. There is a gap in the middle of the characters on the official PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale website. We actually covered this in a previous article. Even despite the real final roster size we will be satisfied regardless.

So why exactly are they saying this again? To surprise you all, but was this really needed? It is so obvious to everyone who has been keeping up with all the info from SuperBot regarding this game. Those who haven’t been as active in checking up on info will be the ones who will buy into this false rumor. So don’t sweat it folks, there will be more than 20 characters in the on-disc roster. They are just trying to catch you all off guard, which there is nothing wrong with that. There will be plenty of other unlockables in the game as well.

Regardless of what we say, you will still have to hear from more official statements and announcements from SuperBot. The info denouncing this latest roster claim on twitter is just a result of information gathered from video interviews, podcast, and more. We’re really excited for the finished product of PlayStation All-Stars from SuperBot and appreciate them for making the game. Keep up to date with the latest news about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale at PlayStation All-Stars Arena. Spread the word and join us on our forums!

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