The Reload could be a new PlayStation All-Stars Announcement
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Sony has released a new video titled “The Reload” and many are speculating on what exactly this teaser is about. Some say it’s about Infamous 3, the new PS3 model, the new PlayStation Store or PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. It may more likely be the latter as the “To Michael” teaser and trailer seemed like it was a celebration video for gamers, while Michael had the special opportunity to represent gamers in general. That is what PlayStation All-Stars is about, celebrating PlayStations history.

There are few things to point out in this short video:

“Saru Get You!” (On desk in Blue & Yellow) from Ape Escape:

“Limbo City” (Sign on right side) from DmC:

Scorpion gun from MGS handled by lady:

Electricity/Lightning referring to Cole from Infamous:

With multiple games referenced, if this is still about Infamous 3, do you know what that means? If means the setting of Infamous 3 takes place in multiple PlayStation Universe’s! Those characters better go out and buy generators. Ok, maybe our Play Create Share Imagination went crazy on that idea.

This teaser was done in the same fashion as the “Beyond The Doors” teaser with the same actress at that. So what kind of announcement could it be for psallstars? If it’s going to be a stage or future character reveal, it would have to be pretty significant since the rest of the characters never got a live action type reveal. A story reveal might work out more-so than any other type of reveal. The actual reason why these characters come together in the game may be shown in the upcoming trailer on the 23rd.

The trailer may simply just be for the game in general as in nothing officially confirmed about that game whether direct or in-direct. We’ll find out what this is all about on the old release date for PSASBR which is the day the public beta goes up with the new PlayStation Store revamp. Let everyone know what you think in the comments or on our community forums.

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