Story Mode, Rival Cutscenes, Unlockables & Customization Screen
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Today IGN hosted a great stream of going into the Full Game of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Curious to how story mode looks? Check out a preview of the Story/Arcade mode for Ratchet & Clank. You’ll also notice the awesome looking stage in their rival battle with Jak and Daxter. This match alone has been one of the most anticipated battles in PlayStation history ever and you’re watching it unfold right before your eyes!

Story Mode Intro (R&C):  


Next lets take a look at the Customization screen and unlockables you can earn. You can customize your profile, characters, and even goals. Going into profile you have options to change your Background, Icon, FFA Title, Team Title, and Minion. The 16 pages of backgrounds will appear on player profile cards so you can show off your style in Online Multiplayer mode.

Going by the video, it looks like there are:

108- Backgrounds

340- Icons

629- FFA Titles

539- Team Titles

20 Minions

For character customization you can change different costumes, taunts, intros, outros, and victory music. So as you can see, you can spice up your games style to a nice variety of different options in PSASBR. It’s no joke that there are hours upon hours of unlockables and gameplay experience to go through. With PlayStation All-Stars coming out this Nov. 20th, stay tuned for more here at the PlayStation All-Stars Arena Community. Don’t forget to Subscribe to our YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages. We’ll be featuring your psallstars videos from the forums.

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