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A section of the forums for you to share your fan created content with the world. If you have content to send in, you can do so here.
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Hey everyone, here you can share you fan-art for psallstars. This will be the main thread to get your medal here on the forums. Feel free to start another topic though. Make sure you specify if the artwork is yours or if you just found it. You can even check out the gallery on the main site. Lets see some awesome content :sackboy-smile1:
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i had no idea where to post this,so i thought here would be good.
i made Hybrid Karma Cole using Hawkeye's body and legs,clone trooper's arm and Indiana Jone's head.i gave him a wrench to resemble the Amp.
Polygon Man was from various sets that took all my purple pieces and took longer than an hour to complete
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